About Us

Virgin Africa Safaris Ltd is locally owned by indigenous Kenyans and duly registered company; under Companies Act (Cap, 486) of the Laws of Kenya, to transact activities of organising safaris; both programmed and tailor made to suit individual customer needs. We also provide professional advice to holiday makers intending to visit Kenya; as to visas; vaccinations; and all other formalities required as they change from time to time. The company is based in Mombasa Kenya. With Virgin Africa, you as the customer are in safe hands.

Our principle is “to provide service value for money”.

The mode of transport varies and depends on customers request and different rates apply. Most common though are the Safari Mini buses with open roof tops once in the National parks for better view. 4×4 land cruisers can also be organised on request.

We have highly trained, skilled and experienced drivers to satisfy your safari needs and make those long awaited dreams come true. Virgin Africa Safaris Ltd provide its customers with safari evaluation form in order to get update valuation of lodges and our drivers performance. When customers opt to visit the tribal villages our drivers do not take any fees charged by those communities as entry to their villages and any other gratuity meant for the communities. It is all taken by the communities.Those drivers with exemplary performance get bonuses as an incentive from the company.

The founder and director of Virgin Africa Safaris Ltd posts of over 15 years experience in the tourism industry. He is trained from the Prestigious Tourism Institution (Kenya Utalii College) in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. Graduated with Diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration. He has worked in all departments related to tourism, from guiding, airport procedures, reservations, costings and worked for various English International Travel Agents as Customer Service Representative on the Kenyan beach resorts of Mombasa. He understands the FTO requirements as regards to all aspects of Health and Safety. He demonstrates same care and helpfulness learned as a Rep. to his customers in Virgin Africa Safaris Ltd.

The operations director has just graduated from the university with Business Management. She is in charge of operations of the company, bookings and reservations and in organising all the tours and safaris.

Trust, commitment, reliability and honesty are the major components Virgin Africa Safaris Ltd is build on. We disassociate ourselves with any other local Tour Operator bearing a similar name as ours in Kenya; that they are NOT officially registered as multiple companies can not be registered in the same country with similar name. They have NO legal status. There exist only one virgin Africa Safaris Ltd, an independent entity and not operated by any other company. We are officially registered and can produce documents to that effect if required. It is only officially registered companies, with a registration certificate (like us) which has locus standi in the Kenyan law. Our Website is: ( www.virginafricasafaris.com ).

Virgin Africa Safaris Ltd advises holidaymakers who have organized events through us (Virgin Africa Safaris Ltd); to ensure their holiday is properly insured in accordance with the laws of your country of origin, preferably full insurance. In the event of any incidents Virgin Africa Safaris Ltd shall provide all logistical support.

The logo for Virgin Africa Safaris is An African Guard. This is the true hidden African identity. In most African countries the guard has assumed various uses, all very sacred and highly valued. In the nomadic communities the guard is used to store milk. This milk is given to the warriors and successful sons and daughters of such communities on their homecoming ceremonies. The world conquerors medal-winning Kenya runners from the Kalenjin of Rift Valley are always welcomed home with a sip of milk from this special African identity (the guard). The communities with strong witchcraft beliefs use the guard for purposes of invoking the spirits. This is true Africa; truly African.

Drop us a mail on Safari quotations and bookings, reservations or even inquiries in Kenya; suitable safaris, lodges, distances, mode of travel, National parks, best time for migration etc. We guarantee you an experience of a lifetime and value for money. Virgin Africa Safaris Ltd, your truly African Safari companion.